There are real heroes in our hospitals fighting the battle with Covid-19 for the rest of us.
Front line medical professionals shouldn’t have to worry about exposing their family members or sleep in their garages because they have an immunocompromised child or spouse at home. 

HousingCovidHeroes matches medical professionals  in need of temporary housing with donated homes, apartments, condos, hotel rooms or RVs. 

If you are a medical professional  in need of temporary housing or are a property owner who has an available unit to donate, please complete the appropriate intake form below, and we will contact you to discuss the next steps. Please stay safe, and thank you!


Colorado Medical Provider

If you are a medical provider in Colorado in need of temporary housing please complete the intake form by clicking below.

Housing Donor

If you are a property owner and have an Apartment/Condo/Hotel Room or RV to donate please complete the intake form by clicking below.

Medical Providers

outside of Colorado

If you are looking for assistance outside of Colorado, please click below to learn more about RVs 4 MDs To Fight the Corona Virus.

HousingCovidHeroes is grateful to the Noble Investment Group for providing complimentary hotel rooms in Denver, Colorado.